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i can't believe i'm 4 weeks into school already... i'm so tired. i guess it's kinda a good thing that the weeks just fly by b/c i have so much to do every day. i don't think i've kept this busy in a long time... between hw assignments being due every day of the week, and going to office hours, and writing lab reports... it's all just a huge mess. then the weekend comes and i literally feel like i wanna crash and burn.

surprisingly enough, i think i'm doing fairly well in all of my classes. i haven't fallen behind in anything yet, and i actually kinda get what we're going through. first set of exams start next week, so i'm sure that'll be a huge turning point. other than that, i can't really complain TOO much... just tired, that's all.

my doctor's appt. is scheduled for the monday of fall break. i'm kinda nervous, but i also can't wait to get it out of the way. hopefully whatever procedure needs to be done, i can schedule soon and get that over with too :-/

seriously tho, there's not much else to talk about. i don't have that much time to talk to anyone... even here at school. there's still some blah-ness in the air with some people (i know the vagueness is just killing you, but i can't help it). graduating and getting outta this school is going to be so much better for SO many freaking reasons. as if my mom didn't know that, now she's gotta get on my ass about finding a job. :-/ *sigh* will it ever end?

anyway, hope you're all doin well...
much love. til next time...


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