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this is gonna be quick since i have to get to bed. tomorrow starts the new (and FINAL) semester... i can't wait to get outta here. i started the countdown... 111 days til the end of finals. take out weekends and the week for break, and that's really not that long. however, the schedule in between is far from easy. i have 5 classes, 2 of which are senior design classes (most people only take 1), 1 major design, a tech. comm. class, and let's just throw astronomy in there cuz i needed another 4 credit class that was relatively easy... so yeah... im trying to keep a positive attitude about it all... i have a lot to look forward to when it's all over, but it's easier said than done. i just hope i get through it all in one piece. i'd hate to be 10 feet under and not be able to enjoy the rest of my life just b/c of this one freakin semester. anyway, hope you're all doing well and that you had a wonderful holiday.

here's to the new year...
much love. til next time...


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