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fuckkkkk it's so hot. this humidity is killing me. not having central air is a killer over here... and having a fan doesnt help either cuz it just blows hot air around. :-/

well anyway, i had a really good weekend. Eric and I went up to the U.P. for his Uncle Junior's wedding. it rained the day before the wedding and the day after, but the day of, it was GORGEOUS. a bit hot, but it was still a lot of fun. it was my first time on the mackinac bridge and being in the U.P. so i had a lot of fun. plus, i like hanging out with his mom's side of the family. we went out on the dune buggies Saturday nite and it was SO much fun. some of the girls let me borrow some clothes so i wouldnt get mine dirty and we had such a blast. quite a few of the guys, including eric, went out again sunday in the rain... that was right before we left, but i didnt feel like getting muddy. played a lot of euchre and poker with Uncle Danny and Uncle Tim and Aunt Cathy... overall, it was an awesome time. on the way home, we stopped at a store and Eric got Cajun jerky and i got some smoked salmon... mmm!! melts in ur mouth.

other than that, not too much to say. school's ok, i guess. it gets a little lonely up here sometimes and knowing that there isn't really anyone that i talk to on a daily basis up here, let alone would want to hang out with a lot.... yeah, im shutting up.

now that i have my car though, ive been going home a lot so that takes up time too, i guess.... make the weeks go by faster. which they need to :-/

ok, this is making me depressed so im done.
much love. til next time...

killin time...
sitting at work and i have another 10 minutes before i have to leave so i thought id say what's up...

spring semester turned out pretty well. i got B's in both of my classes which my parents were really happy to hear about. i'm quite sure that i could've pulled off A's if i worked harder but i don't really care... not much i can do about it now. plus then my parents would expect the same in the fall and winter and i already know that's not going to happen with 4 classes each semester :-P

summer term seems to be going fairly well so far... my one math class doesnt seem TOO bad yet, but i've only had one lecture. work is keeping me busy. i miss my friends though :-/ yeah, i know and iiii don't care. i just miss my friends :-( no one is around this term and the ones that were here in the spring all went home. *sigh*

ok, im really done. time to go home and eat/sleep.
much love. til next time...

taking a break...
holy SHIT my head feels like it's going to explode. i've been sitting in practically the same spot since 2pm this afternoon. (twice this week, wtf??) the good news is after tomorrow, i'll be done with Spring term... WOO! bad news is i have to take 2 finals to get to that point. i haven't even STARTED studying for my math exam that's at 4pm tomorrow... ive been pouring over old exams and homeworks for my thermo final which is at 8am. gotta love getting up with the sun... so yeah, that's about the extent of my day, how was yours? lol

tomorrow is going to be really awesome yet really sad at the same time. the friends i've gotten REALLY close to this term, are leaving for home for the summer... and yeah :-/ it's amazing how close you can get to a person in such a short amount of time... i used to think the same thing about Eric, and now look at us... we're a month shy of being together for 3 years. wow that's a long time...

anyway, tomorrow at 6pm right after my math final, i'm definitely going to enjoy my last nite with my friends. i have this slight feeling in the pit of my stomach that summer term is gonna suck balls :-/


well i need to get back to work... since i have to be up at the crack of dawn, and then leave for north campus shortly after, i need to get to bed uber early. nite folks.
much love. til next time...

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i miss my friends :(

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hung out last nite. had some company over to watch the bball game and then they left and he came back to watch a movie and hang out til the wee hours of the morning. it was nice to have the company. :-/ crazy dreams ensued during sleep. was awoken by a phone call only minutes before my parents called to say there were close. went out to eat and went to see M:I 3 with them. had a really nice time actually...

started raining :-/ hope it doesnt storm long cuz i hate storms. and im supposed to be going out to watch the bball game tonite. and possibly have company over again... my mind is running away with me.

i know i said dreams do come true... but i really hope they dont... :-/

my heeaaadd...
i guess it's nice that we haven't gotten poured on (esp since id have to walk in it so im very grateful)... but this humidity sucks. i have the worst headache. :(

i guess things are going ok. class is class... i dont work enough and my checking account is slowly depleting before my eyes. people are good. i guess... not much i can say about it. as much as i try to convince myself otherwise, i think even if i knew the truth, id still be confused :-/

Eric came this weekend. sunday nite til tuesday afternoon. it was really good to see him... it had been almost 3 weeks, i think. :) we talked, but not much was accomplished, so yeah...

Pistons now. Game 5. Must win. and just for KM...

wow i suck...
i have way too much shit floating in my brain right now. and i kinda dont like the idea that everything/everyone around me is crashing down and there's not a DAMN thing i can do to stop it. i hate feeling this helpless and no one deserves to feel shitty. i feel like that way too often and i wouldnt wish it upon anyone.

but i guess how am i supposed to help anyone else when i dont even know how to get my own things in order. =/

i feel... so... very... a;lkjl;kjasd

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SicTransitEmo is away at 11:49:32 AM.
SicTransitEmo (11:49:55 AM): ok dude
SicTransitEmo (11:50:01 AM): i dont know if im gonna sleep
SicTransitEmo (11:50:04 AM): or shower
SicTransitEmo (11:50:06 AM): but either way
SicTransitEmo (11:50:09 AM): i wont be at the computer
AngelicStar25 (11:50:12 AM): LOL
AngelicStar25 (11:50:12 AM): ok

Auto response from SicTransitEmo (11:50:13 AM): I am away from my computer right now.

SicTransitEmo (11:50:19 AM): omg why
SicTransitEmo (11:50:19 AM): does it erase
SicTransitEmo (11:50:21 AM): what im typing
SicTransitEmo (11:50:23 AM): LOL
AngelicStar25 (11:50:24 AM): do you know
AngelicStar25 (11:50:26 AM): my problem
AngelicStar25 (11:50:29 AM): EVERY TIME
AngelicStar25 (11:50:31 AM): i talk to you
AngelicStar25 (11:50:31 AM): =))
SicTransitEmo (11:50:33 AM): i know
SicTransitEmo (11:50:36 AM): and its always
SicTransitEmo (11:50:45 AM): when i have like a whole fucking paragraph going
SicTransitEmo (11:50:46 AM): =))
AngelicStar25 (11:50:47 AM): YEP
AngelicStar25 (11:50:48 AM): =))))
SicTransitEmo (11:50:49 AM): and now
SicTransitEmo (11:50:53 AM): i dont remember what it was about
SicTransitEmo (11:50:55 AM): =)))))))
SicTransitEmo (11:50:57 AM): OH
SicTransitEmo (11:50:57 AM): LMFAO
AngelicStar25 (11:51:00 AM): oh good grief
SicTransitEmo (11:51:00 AM): i was going to say
AngelicStar25 (11:51:01 AM): lmao
SicTransitEmo (11:51:06 AM): i dont know if im going to sleep
SicTransitEmo (11:51:09 AM): or shower
AngelicStar25 (11:51:09 AM): u already
AngelicStar25 (11:51:10 AM): said that
AngelicStar25 (11:51:11 AM): =))
SicTransitEmo (11:51:13 AM): but either way
AngelicStar25 (11:51:13 AM): ;LAJF;LASDFLDSFJASJ;
SicTransitEmo (11:51:14 AM): im not at the computer
SicTransitEmo (11:51:14 AM): omg
SicTransitEmo (11:51:15 AM): what
SicTransitEmo (11:51:16 AM): the fuck
SicTransitEmo (11:51:18 AM): it ERASED THAT
SicTransitEmo (11:51:21 AM): =))))))))))))))))))))))))))
AngelicStar25 (11:51:28 AM): oh
AngelicStar25 (11:51:29 AM): my
AngelicStar25 (11:51:30 AM): god
AngelicStar25 (11:51:33 AM): this is going up in lj
AngelicStar25 (11:51:34 AM): =)))))))))
SicTransitEmo (11:51:41 AM): oh
SicTransitEmo (11:51:41 AM): my
SicTransitEmo (11:51:41 AM): god
SicTransitEmo (11:51:41 AM): =))))))000
AngelicStar25 (11:51:45 AM): go
AngelicStar25 (11:51:45 AM): just
AngelicStar25 (11:51:46 AM): go
AngelicStar25 (11:51:53 AM): and in about 10 minutes check lj
SicTransitEmo (11:51:57 AM): fuck you kc. fuck you and your sleep talking
SicTransitEmo (11:52:00 AM): =))))
AngelicStar25 (11:52:01 AM): =))))))))))))))))
AngelicStar25 (11:52:02 AM): LMFAOOOO
AngelicStar25 (11:52:11 AM): later dude

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hello km!!

that is all.


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