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*~*Riot Girl*~*

5 February
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"i just wanna live... dont really care about the things that they say... dont really care about what happens to me... i just wanna live." ~GC

"i've woken now to find myself in the shadows of all i have created. i'm longing to be lost in you, away from this place i have made. won't you take me away from me..." ~evanescence

"it seems i've gone away. it seems i've lost myself. it seems i've really lost my way. it seems i've shed my skin... are you ready for me or purge my love... are you ready for me cuz im dying to feel what i have lost." ~alter bridge

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"the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." ~moulin rouge

i'm so pretty...

Beauty and the Beast is Love as Old as Time

i can promise you i am NOT an alcoholic...

drinky-drinks are bad love